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Guide to Evictions in Georgia

Saedi Law Group has been recognized as one of the top Atlanta bankruptcy law firms in Georgia, due in part to our use of technology in making the legal process easier to navigate for our clients. We offer FREE phone/video consultations so that you can file bankruptcy from home. $0 Down Attorney Fees for Most Clients. Stop Vehicle Repossession, Foreclosure, and Garnishments. Same-Day Filing. Schedule appointment online.
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Worried About Your Financial Future During this COVID-19 Crisis? Resouces to Help You Plan

As a bankruptcy attorney, I am getting flooded with paniced…
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Update on Tax Deadline Changes and What You Need to Know

This weekend I had the chance to catch up and interview (via…
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Getting a Car Loan and Mortgage Loan in Bankruptcy

Since most Chapter 13 cases last for 5 years, issues can come…
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How Many Times Can You File For Bankruptcy Protection?

Sometimes situations can (and do) arise, where an individual…
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Cramming Down a Car in Bankruptcy

“Cramdown” is an informal term for one of the most used…
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Debt Settlements vs. Bankruptcy

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Top 5 Reasons People Are Afraid to File for Bankruptcy Protection

Many people in the United States are afraid to file for bankruptcy…
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How Co-Signers Are Affected in Bankruptcy: The Co-Debtor Stay

What Happens to Cosigners and Joint Account Holders in Bankruptcy?…